Coding is hard, no doubt, but learning to code is not so hard!

I started coding at the age of 7, with guidance from a relative and that was all direct assistance I ever had. All code I learned till today was all on my own, with a few books of JAVA and the documentation. From JAVA I “traveled” to a lot of other “places”. Once my grasp JAVA on was good, none of the others was difficult.

But that was the learning part. When it came to real life implementations, I used to (and still do) sit hours staring at the screen. Because coding is hard.

And when someone asks me to teach me to code in X, initially I had that “curse of knowledge”, but then I realized that how could I expect a beginner to grasp everything in 3 months which I took a decade to understand!

So I think, given the time, learning to code is easy, coding isn’t!

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