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  • Tejaaswini Narendra

    Tejaaswini Narendra

    Where’s the fun without some challenge?

  • Arshita Singh

    Arshita Singh

    Literature Grad, Feminist, Bibliophile, Hopeful Romantic, Existentialist, Not your ‘Girl Next Door’. “The Darkness you shouldn’t walk into.”

  • Shubham Priya

    Shubham Priya

    Electrical engineer@KEC INTERNATIONAL

  • Hasura


    ⚡️ Instant realtime GraphQL APIs! Connect Hasura to your database & data sources (GraphQL, REST & 3rd party API) and get a unified data access layer instantly.

  • Dropbox


    Dropbox is the world’s first smart workspace that helps people and teams focus on the work that matters.

  • Netflix Technology Blog

    Netflix Technology Blog

    Learn more about how Netflix designs, builds, and operates our systems and engineering organizations

  • Sanjanamohapatra 99

    Sanjanamohapatra 99

    Engineer with a stroke (/) meeting work with progress.

  • Nancy Chauhan

    Nancy Chauhan

    Hi, I am Nancy Chauhan. I like hacking through software engineering problems. I break down complicated concepts into easier tech blogs.

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