This time, I am working on improving the Fedora Community App with the Fedora project. It’s been a week since we started off our coding on may 14.

The Fedora App is a central location for Fedora users and innovators to stay updated on The Fedora Project. News updates, social posts, Ask Fedora, as well as articles from Fedora Magazine are all held under this app.

Progress Report

Here is the summary of my work in the first week:

  1. We now have a system for loading configuration such as API keys, depending on the environment we are running. It also allows us to load them from external sources (#55). This would help us to remove the need to store API keys under version control (#52).
  2. The JS to TS conversion I started earlier (#4, #6) is finally complete. All of our code is now fully checked by TypeScript (TS) compiler for type safety (#54, #56). Except for JSON responses, where typing things will be a waste of time as TS does not provide run-time type safety, all other functions and services are now checked using TS interfaces. (#57).
  3. Our code is now following Angular patterns even more closely. I have standardized the Providers who use to return a callback or a Promise to return Observables. We now load network data a bit faster due to improved concurrency in the code.
  4. The documentation coverage of our code has increased. As the part of conversion, I have added TS doc comments describing the usage of various Providers, Services and Components, what the expect and what they return.
  5. The annoying white screen on launch (#16) in certain devices is now gone! (#47)
  6. After the restructuring, we no longer have any in-memory caching. I will be working on offline storage and caching implementation in this week.

What’s next ?

I am working to bring offline storage and sync to Fedora Magazine and Fedora Social sections of the app. This will both improve the usability and performance of the app. From a UX perspective, we will start syncing data rather than blocking the user from doing anything.

Originally published at on May 22, 2018.

Computer Whisperer. Open-source contributor. Find me at

Computer Whisperer. Open-source contributor. Find me at