This is Status Report for Fedora App filled by participants on a weekly basis.

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This time, I am working on improving the Fedora Community App with the Fedora project. It’s been a week since we started off our coding on may 14.

The Fedora App is a central location for Fedora users and innovators to stay updated on The Fedora Project. News updates, social posts, Ask Fedora, as well as articles from Fedora Magazine are all held under this app.

Tasks Completed

Four months ago when we started, we had to migrate to a newer version of our toolkits. During the migration, a lot of things simply broke and some of them went unnoticed for long, as we were not having any tests.

With my last week’s work, we now have real tests! I worked on integrating unit tests and integration tests to our setup. We are using the popular Karma test runner and the Jasmine test library to implement unit tests. For integration tests, we are using Protractor with Selenium Framework.

Here are the pull requests: #70 and #71.

What’s Happening

We are working on imporving the FedoCal integration. We are working to introduce filters and sort functions and a subscribe action that adds all new events to the system calendar. @littlewonder is working on a UI pattern for FedoCal.

Our test suite is not yet comprehensive. We are doing a major revamp of the UI and we will be developing more integration tests as we develop the screens.

Computer Whisperer. Open-source contributor. Find me at

Computer Whisperer. Open-source contributor. Find me at