This is Status Report for Fedora App filled by participants on a weekly basis.

This time, I am working on improving the Fedora Community App with the Fedora project. It’s been 4 weeks since we started off our coding on may 14.

The Fedora App is a central location for Fedora users and innovators to stay updated on The Fedora Project. News updates, social posts, Ask Fedora, as well as articles from Fedora Magazine are all held under this app.

Tasks Completed

More test cases

Last week we worked on the basic unit testing and integration testing configurations, using the popular Karma test runner and the Jasmine test library to implement unit tests. In this week we expanded our unit test coverage to cover all the services we use in our app. In the course of developing these test cases, we caught few bugs that crept during the initial migration and fixed them.

Here is the pull request: #78

Package search

You now can search for packages right from the app. It lists the appropriate package name to use in dnf for a given software. Along with the package description, it also shows a link to the upstream website, the Fedora group that maintains the package, its sub packages and if the package is a library it also presents the associated development headers.

Here is the pull request: #72

i18n and l10n

We have improved i18n and l10n of the app. The views now respect the system locale and format the content accordingly. In further iterations, we will look at the translation and other aspects, and make sure that further work in this field is possible without a lot of barriers.

Here is the pull request: #64

What’s Happening

Improving the Fedora magazine section

We are introducing read tracking and bookmark features for the Fedora Magazine section in the app. We will be improving the offline caching system to store the data more efficiently.

Improving FedoCal integration

@littlewonder has finished his work on revamping the FedoCal UI. Now we will be are working to incorporate the new design and features to the FedoCal backend.

Originally published at on June 12, 2018.

Computer Whisperer. Open-source contributor. Find me at

Computer Whisperer. Open-source contributor. Find me at