As the part of my journey at Gojek, I am the part of the “Bootcamp” where we learn core software engineering principles, good coding practices and soft-skills like speaking and writing, all aimed to shape us into a better engineer in the future.

Before I joined Gojek, I was quite confident that I write good code and adhere to good coding practices. After a week at work, I realized how much of a fallacy that was.

A typical day involves Code, “rm -rf”, more code, followed by more “rm -rf”s. But it has taught me several fundamental takeaways:

Never love your code

Fail fast, fail early

Attain clarity before jumping to a solution

Swim together, sink together

Code is art which is utilitarian

The deadline was yesterday

Explicit clarification is always better than an implicit assumption

Question everything

Good code is not the substitute of bad documentation

Test Driven Development

Automate all the things

Keep it stupid simple

It’s been four days — days full of enlightenment about mistakes that I have been committing since the day I started coding. I’m anxious to know what else we will come across in the remaining 9 weeks of the Bootcamp.

Computer Whisperer. Open-source contributor. Find me at

Computer Whisperer. Open-source contributor. Find me at